Why Pilosa?

I reject holism. I challenge you to tell me, for instance, how a holistic description of an ant colony sheds any more light on it than is shed by a description of the ants inside it, and their roles, and their interrelationships. Any holistic explanation of an ant colony will inevitably fall far short of explaining where the consciousness experienced by an ant colony arises from. Dr. Anteater in “Ant Fugue”, part of “Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid” by Douglas R. Hofstadter

It’s humans that are the most curious animal on the planet.

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This thesis addresses the interdependencies between water use and water availability and describes a model that has been developed to increase insight in the potential effects of different decentralization regimes in water allocation management with regard to the spatial and temporal distribution of water availability and agricultural water use in a semi-arid river basin.

Relevant processes include physical processes such as hydrological processes, water user responses to variations and changes in water availability and social processes between water users and water managers.

The results are relevant for research on relevant initial condition, context factors and design principles for participative river basin management. Water demand, water allocation management and water availability are strongly related in semi-arid environments, where the irrigation sector is responsible for a large part of consumptive water use. Variations in water abstractions for irrigation depend on irrigated area and irrigation requirements per hectare.

All Tamanduas share a fascination for ants: the usual Tamandua (meaning “anteater” in both Tupi and Portuguese) tends to see them as a tasty snack. This Tamandua however, uses ants - a common metaphor for agents - to analyze a complex system. When observing natural ant colonies it can easily be seen that the complexity of each single ant is rather low. Nonetheless ant colonies exhibit complex behavior and have even been able to demonstrate the ability to solve geometric problems. Water allocation management in a river catchment is another example of such a complex system: relatively simple actions and decisions of autonomous stakeholders can lead to complex water scarcity patterns. Tamandua aims to increase insight in what is going on in the “ant colony of water allocation”.

Why this name?

Plan was to use tamandua: a name I came up with for .. model developed during my graduation … fond of ever since.

Dr anteater

Tamandua + meanying + image

However: domains already taken One step up: pilosa = … Sloths

Xenartha Doodles .. armadillo-like creature + image Many

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